Saturday, May 30, 2009

its official - soup makes you soup packed lunches make you lose weight

So, I was watching BBC the other night, "ten things you need to know about losing weight" I think it was called, when I heard this little nugget:

Soup, especially thick, homemade soup, can help you lose weight compared to eating the same amount of solid food plus a separate drink of water. Apparently combining the food and waer into a thick soup slows the transit of the food through the digestive system, making you feel fuller for longer and hence less likely to snack later.

Which set me to thinking about the best way to take soup to work for lunch. The answer, especially for those who work outdoors or in an office without a microwave, would be a wide mouth thermos food flask. At we have a variety of hot food flasks available from 290ml size (about two thirds of a tin of soup) to a whopping 800ml family sized flask. All our flasks will keep soup hot for at least 5 hours and have a wide-mouth neck which allows you to eat directly from the flask so you don't have to bother lugging a soup bowl with you to work.

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