Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hot packed lunch ideas for autumn...

With the indian summer we enjoyed through September now a distant memory our thoughts at lunchboxesetc are turning to some exciting ideas for hot food packed lunches that are perfect for autumnal lunchtimes.

The first thing is to make sure that you have the right equipment to keep your food hot safely - Thermos make several vacuum food flasks that are designed specially to keep food hot for up to 7 hours making them perfect for taking hot food out with you.

For grown-ups or kids with adult sized appetites you can try one of the 500ml sized flasks. For kids choose either the Thermos Funtainer or the Thermos Foogo Food Flask and if your all going out together then why not take the bigger 800ml food flask which would hold enough for a couple of adults and kids.

All of these flasks feature a wide mouth so that you can eat directly from the flask, so you don't have to take bowls.

The flasks all work most successfully with stews, casseroles and similar types of meals. So next time you are going out for the day or taking the kids to school why not try taking a chilli, or bolognese or a warming stew in a food flask and treat yourself to lovely hot homemade food at lunchtime.

Don't forget that the smaller food flasks are great for taking baby food out with you as well! Alternatively take a pouch of organic baby food out with you and get the cafe to heat it up for you. Check out the huge range of organic baby food available at the Kiddies Kitchen Baby Food Delivery Service!

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