Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Personalised lunchbox design now available - Robots

We now have a third personalised lunchbox design available for purchase. Our new robots lunchbox design is a very cool retro sci-fi style - think metal mickey, lost in space, buck rogers; that kind of thing!

You can choose from a range of lunchbox colours (click through for examples) and you can personalise the lunchbox with any message you want, not necessarily a name! As with our other personalised space lunchbox and personalised under the sea lunchbox the price is £11.99 plus P&P.

We now also have the facility to simply print a message or name onto a blank lunchbox so, if you want to keep it super simple you can! For example we recently produced this box for a customer
who was having some problems with hungry colleagues at work!

We can add your own photos to the front of our lunchboxes, all you need to do is email us the photo file using your order number as a reference in the email title and we will do the rest. For best results it is important that the photograph is at least 2370x1772 pixels in size to allow us to crop it to fit the lunchbox. Message lunch boxes and photo lunchboxes are priced at £12.99 plus P&P. All these items and many more lunchboxes can be found at

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