Monday, March 26, 2012

Road Test: Thermos microwavable food flask

Despite it being the hottest day of the year so far I took the opportunity yesterday to road test a great Thermos product - the microwavable food flask:

The event was the Paignton Mini Rugby Festival which involved over 30 teams in under7's, 8's, 9's, 10's, 11's and 12's categories.  My son plays in the Tavistock under7's tag rugby team and was greatly looking forward to his first rugby tournement.  So at 8.45am I microwaved some tomato soup until it was piping hot and sealed up the flask.  The beauty of the microwavable food flask is that the whole thing can be shoved in your microwave and heated to the right temperature.  This is a great feature.

After two hard matches (1 draw, 1 win) the whole Tavistock team were ready for some lunch and whilst other trotting off to queue for burgers, or tucking into sandwiches I unscrewed the flask and admired the plume of steam that rose of the still piping hot contents.  The flask's wide neck made it easy to eat the soup directly with a spoon (me) or by dipping bread into it ( 7 year old son!).  I was impressed that the soup was still hot after nearly 4 hours in the flask, and it was a welcome warm-up for my son.  There was time to fit in 2 more group matches (one loss, and a win) before another quick soup break after which the final round robin match ended in a good win for Tavistock.  This put the Tavistock team into the grand final up against the only team to have beaten them so far.  After a close game Tavistock were beaten into 2 place by the deserving winners.  We packed up our flask and Crocodile Creek Lunchbag and set off for home tired, a bit sunburnt but not at all hungry.

So the Thermos Microwavable Food Flask passed this test with flying colours.  We enjoyed perfectly hot soup nearly four hours after I had prepared it and I'm confident it would have remained at a comfortable eating temperature for quite a bit longer. The all plastic construction is hardwearng and very resilient to bumps and knocks. carry a number of food flasks from Thermos all of which at least match the performance of the microwavable food flask.

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