Saturday, March 16, 2013

Squiddles lunchtop lunchboxes - mystery solved

This may be an unfair generalisation but here in the UK we are not that familar with Squiddles.  Indeed the only reason I have ever heard of them is because we are getting increasingly frequent requests from customers in the US to produce a "Squiddles Lunchtop" lunchbox. So some research was required to find out why we are getting orders for the same photo lunchbox from all over the States.... and I found the Squiddles!  Also, rather wonderfully, I found a tumblr post featuring one of our very own lunchboxes!

So it appears that people are using this image and uploading it to the site to order one of our photo lunchboxes  COOL! 

We'd love to hear from Squiddles fans about what you are using them for!

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