Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Penguins Penguins everywhere

Have you ever been to Living Coasts in Torquay?  If you or your kids love penguins its a great day out for the summer holidays.  Having been there recently it inspired us here at lunchbox towers to come up with our own penguin lunchbox design:

Like all our animal lunchboxes the lunchboxesetc penguin lunchbox is available in 6 colours: Red, green, sky blue, navy blue, yellow and pink.  Perfect if your little one is a Little Feet fan as well!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Yes but its still the charity shield really isn't it?

Well done David Moyes and team on winning the Community Shield yesterday.  Its a long journey down the M6 and M1 from the North West to Wembley so I hope all the fans had their packed lunches with them.  And if they did, which design of personalised lunchbox would we recommend?  Why the football lunchbox of course!

Here shown in red in tribute to the Man U team.  With free personalisation you can add your name or that of your favourite team so everyone can see who you support.  New for this year you can add a personalised football kit bag - perfect for carrying your PE kit to school so you never lose it in the cloakroom again!

things to do in the summer holidays (part1)

It felt like it was all of about 10 minutes after we got back home from our summer hols before boys1&2 were moaning about what they could do next, and they haven't really stopped since.....So I've been putting some effort into thinking up new things for them to do other than sitting in front of the TV.  So far we 've been to every park within 10 miles, climbed Tors, been to see Dartmoor standing stones rows, been to Lydford Gorge, and done 2 lovely bike rides but on days like today when the weather is not great we need something a little different. So thank god for airfix kits - I can sit between the tow boys whilst they both have a go at making these iconic boys toys.  This morning we had a Spitfire and a Messerschmitt done in about 30 minutes (followed by 2 hours of dogfighting in the garden).  In tribute to "the few" Lunchboxesetc produce this fantastic spitfire lunchbox:

 available in 6 colours and which is not only great for a packed lunch but is perfect for keeping your model making kit together in one safe place.

the fine art of lunch....

A long time ago in a far away galaxy (well alright, it was France) a slightly mad painter cut of his ear.  Who knows what drove van gogh to such deeds but I'm almost sure that it wasn't the fact that he could not buy a lunch box with his one of his paintings on it!  Anyway just on the off chance that it was we have decided to right that terrible wrong with our range of van gogh lunchboxes!

 So Vincent - no need to worry about how to carry your packed lunch on those long absinthe fuelled walks!  And, don't fee left out Paul Cezanne, we've got a bunch of your best pictures on lunchboxes too:

Currently only available from lunchboxesetc these lunchboxes really do give an insight into the art of lunch!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lunchboxesetc sandwich of the month competition

This month sees the first of the lunchboxesetc sandwich of the month competitions. The winning entry (judged by me after tasting my favourite three entries) will win a free personalised lunchbox from the exclusive range available only on lunchboxesetc.co.uk

Why not enter either via our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/lunchboxesetc.co.uk) or via twitter @lunchboxesetc or on our own competition entry page:


Saturday, August 10, 2013

The forgotten lunchbox

Here at Lunchbox towers we love to talk about our personalised lunchboxes, but it occurs to me that our classic plain plastic lunchboxes don't get much of the limelight even though they are one of our best sellers and still hugely popular after all these years.  Available in Blue, Red, Pink, Green, Yellow and Black they can be left plain, covered with stickers or even painted!

Pet lunchboxes - a new trend?

Obviously the Back To School period is a busy time for us here at lunchbox towers but in amongst all the orders for lunchboxes we're noticing what we think is a new trend for pet lunchboxes: Not lunchboxes for pets you understand, but a lunchboxesetc photo lunchbox personalised with a picture of the family pet. 

I have to say some of your pets out there are extremely cute!  And what better way to send your child to school with a little reminder of home than to give them a lunchbox with their favourite animal on the front?

Of course, if you don't have a pet, or want something a little wilder why not grab a lunchboxesetc animal lunchbox like this fierce Lion:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A little lunchbox teaser

Here at http://www.lunchboxesetc.co.uk we love to hear about people putting our lunchboxes to unusual uses and we've just found out about a real beauty! We're hoping to publish more details very shortly but believe us - its like nothing you've ever seen or heard before!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Lunch at the nation army museum

It's the last day of our grand summer progress around the country. So far we've taken in Bristol, north Wales and the capital. Today, after a first tube ride for boy3 we visited the excellent national army museum in Chelsea.

Boys 1 and 2 were made up with the opportunity to buy real bullets in the gift shop, while the kids zone soft play was a hit with the youngest.

In tribute to those who served our packed lunch was carried in the lunchboxesetc camouflage lunchbox:


Which can be personalised with any name or message!