Saturday, November 22, 2014

New chalk board lunchbox now available only from lunchboxesetc

Lunchboxesetc is pleased to announce the release of its new chalk board lunchbox.

Made in the UK from food safe plastic the lunchbox is easy to clean and can be immersed in soapy water without damaging the chalk board area (although you artwork will be washed away of course).

The lunch box measures approximately 23cm x 19cm x 10cm - plenty big enough for a large packed lunch!

The lunchbox is supplied with a set of twelve coloured chalks so you can get decorating straight away.

The chalk board lunchbox is only available from

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

personalised lunch boxes - back to school delivery times

Its always a busy time here at, the back to school season.  Quite rightly, everyone wants a new unique lunch box in time for the start of the new school term, to go with a new maths set, new shoes and a new school P.E. kit bag.

We've been producing personalised lunch boxes for many years now, and still love the excitement of the back to school rush even if we do have shredded nerves by the start of September worrying whether the printer will hold up.  Luckily we've never been let down by our hardware yet so we are confident that there is still plenty of time to order your new lunch box from us and for us to delivery it before the start of term.

We are still introducing new designs, with our latest being the graffiti lunch box, which can be personalised with any name or message you want to specify:

Orders are currently being delivered within a week of being placed (it does take a couple of days to print and produced the lunchbox, so please bear with us), but then you will receive a totally unique personalised lunch box all ready for you to fill with delicious packed lunch goodies.

Our current best seller is our brilliant photo lunch box, this is the lunch box to order if you want to decorate your lunch with your favourite photo, either of yourself, your mates, or a pop idol.  You can even scan your own artwork and send us the image file, and we will print it on your lunch box.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Graffiti lunch box now available

Lunchboxesetc is pleased to introduce a new personalised lunch box design.  Inspired by the urban street art that surrounds us you can now carry your very own graffiti around with you on the new personalised graffiti lunch box:

You can add any name or message to the realistic brick wall background, simply enter the required text when ordering.  The graffiti lunch box is available in 5 colours, pink, blue, red, green and yellow and is manufactured in the UK from food safe plastic.  Order now, only from in plenty of time for the start of the new school year.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Twit twoo! Lunchboxesetc presents our new owl lunch box

Lunchboxesetc already produce personalised owl lunch boxes

And a matching drawstring PE kit bag
 But we realise that sometimes a cartoon just isn't realistic enough for some of our customers, so we've introduced a new owl lunchbox to complement our expanding range of animal lunchboxes:

Our new owl lunch box is available only from lunchboxesetc and is made in the UK from a hard wearing plastic that is certified for food use. Only £9.99 plus postage and packing.


Lunchboxesetc introduce a new horse lunch box

Lunchboxesetc have extended our range of animal lunchboxes with the introduction of a new horse lunch box design, priced at £9.99.

Available exclusively from lunchboxesetc, these hard wearing plastic lunch boxes are very easy to clean and big enough to hold sandwiches, a drink, a snack and a piece of fruit.  Perfect for school lunches and for a limited period you can get 15% off by using discount code "backtoschool2014" when checking out.

miaow! new cat lunch box launched for back to school 2014 are very pleased to announce a new animal lunch box design:  Our cat lunch box has an impressive image of a ginger cat staring out from the front of the box.

All our lunch boxes are made in the UK from food grade plastic and meet all current EU and UK standards. 

Cat lunch boxes are available in pink, red, blue, green and yellow and are priced at £9.99, but for a limited time lunchboxesetc are offering a 15% discount coupon code on all orders.  Simply enter "backtoschool2104" when checking out to receive your discount.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

World Cup lunchbox

With the World Cup in full swing I thought I'd share a photo of one of our personalised football lunchboxes that was recently sent out to its new owner.  Jamie, we hope you love it and that it keeps your half time snacks safe and sound!

Check out for more personalisable lunchbox designs!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Personalised lunchboxes

We do love an unusual request for a personalised lunch box here at  And this week we've had a couple of great ones.

First we have just married lunchbox.  Apparently the happy couple are getting married at 12.30 and the mother of the bride is worried they might be hungry in the wedding car afterwards so she wants a romantic wedding themed lunchbox.  No problem I thought: we can do that, but she did throw me a bit of curve ball by suggesting a Sheffield United theme;  apparently the groom is a lifelong fan. ....

Next up we have one of our best selling photo lunch boxes, which I'm guessing is not destined to hold any sandwiches.  This one is going to be  a first aid kit or doctors bag for some lucky child who appears to be a fan of cbeebies star (and real life doctor) dr ranj.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The curse of the lunchbox

I confess I'm feeling a bit guilty.  Ever since my post about a Liverpool lunchbox the wheels do seem to have come off their premiership challenge.  So is the blue moon rising over the Barclays cup?  Maybe things will be clearer after tonight's match against Aston Villa.

In the interests of fairness here's our tribute to those "noisy neighbours":

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Street art lunchboxes

We've been selling fine art lunchboxes for a number of years now so we thought we'd get bang up to date with a bit of street art.  We've started adding a collection of banksy inspired lunchboxes to the site:  you can find them here:

Monday, April 14, 2014

Liverpool: Daring to dream?

Congrats to Liverpool for coming out on top in the big premiership match yesterday.  Although I did not watch it myself, I understand it was a great game.  Here's a lunchbox for all you Liverpool fans out there:

Maybe take it on your next away game?  Only from  Order one of our photo lunchboxes and add your own image to the lunchbox for a completely unique lunchbox!

Monday, April 7, 2014

A trip to the tank museum

We are on holiday this week with the kids plus brother and sister in law and a nephew.  Just a couple of miles behind chesil beach (and about a third of the way through on chesil beach as well).  

Despite the awful weather we are having a great  time,  today's highlights were a delicious meal at the pub in langton herring and a visit to the tank museum in bovington. 

There is no denying the soft spot in the heart of almost every 40 year old man i know for a good dose of WW2 memorabilia,  and a trip to the tank museum certainly provided that for me. 

 Although if I'm honest the real proustian moment was not the exhibits but the little packs of 1:72 scale WW2 soldiers for sale in the gift shop.  They took me right back to the many hours I spent as a child constructing elaborate army bases and conducting whole campaigns.  Tempting as it was to buy battalion after battalion I resisted.  

Instead the visit has inspired me to look further into producing some more military lunchboxes. already has a fabulous series of military aircraft lunchboxes and I think after this visit the spitfire lunchbox and the hurricane lunchbox may be joined by our tribute to the land forces and especially the armoured divisions.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sand in your sandwiches, pebbles in your shoes

Easter holidays are just around the corner and we'll be off to a beach side cottage for a week with some family.  Heres hoping that the rain holds off and the weather is warm enough to make a few trips to the beach possible.  And if not then I think we are near enough to  Weymouth to make a visit to Sandworld a real possibility.  However in some ways the thought of all that sand is enough to give me the shivers.

I love a packed lunch or a picnic, but what I really hate is a day on the beach when your sandwiches are completely ruined by those tiny grains of sand that just manage to get absolutely everywhere. No matter how hard I try I can't stop the sticky little grains dropping off my fingers onto the food.
Now, I'm not foolish enough to suggest that our plastic lunchboxes are the answer to this problem, but they do have a couple of advantages that help: Firstly they have a good height lip or rim all around to stop the sand just blowing onto the food, and secondly the lie completely flat when open allowing them to be used a as solid tray for the food, rather than just having it lying around on a sandy picnic blanket. If you stick a small packet of wipes in there as well you could solve the problem entirely!  Of course the other answer is to avoid sandy beaches entirely: Chesil beach here we come!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Celebrity sandwiches - part V

Celebrity sandwiches - part VI

A masterchef champion should be able to spot a good lunchbox option why she sees one so its no surprise that 2010 Celebrity Masterchef champion Lisa Faulkner has come up with a fabulous favourite sandwich.

Reassuringly traditional in her tastes Lisa says: “My grandparents had a beach hut at West Wittering and I distinctly remember a rainy Saturday lunchtime with the windbreaks up, my sister and I in our navy blue fishermen’s jumpers and wellies huddled together on deck chairs eating sandwiches (hers corned beef and tomato, mine corned beef and piccalilli). The bread was always good old “plastic” white sliced and the corned beef tinned, but the tomatoes were grown in her greenhouse and the piccalilli was home-made.”

We say, well done Lisa, this would work perfectly in a lunchbox. Once again, if you wanted you could pop the sliced tomato ina little pot and add it into the sandwich right before you eat it to avoid any sogginess.

We think Lisa might have a bit of sweet tooth judging by the desserts she produced on Masterchef so here is a brilliant Marshmallow lunchbox to carry those corned beef sandwiches:

masrshmallow lunchbox

Now Lisa also looks like she likes a bit of exercise, I wonder whether she would like a matching PE kit bag to take her kit to the gym:

Celebrity sandwiches - part VI

Who is the most famous twinkly-eyed baker of the moment? Why Paul Hollywood of course and Paul shared his favourite sandwich recipe with
“I cannot resist a club sandwich. I love the fact it is laden with fillings and needs a daft cocktail stick to hold it together.”, said the artisan baker and bake-off judge, “The best club sandwich should be on toasted, fresh, white bread, in two tiers and filled to bursting point with seasoned turkey breast, crispy maple bacon, chopped romaine lettuce, slices of ripe tomato and red onion and lashings of mayonnaise with a side order of handmade crisps.”

Now, a full on club sandwich may not be ideal for a packed lunch, but simplfy the recipe a bit and it would become a great lunchbox treat. The idea of a double decker sandwich in my lunchbox really appeals! Maybe omit the tomatoes, or take them separately to prevent sogginess.

Paul is a bit of a hero at lunchbox towers, as we also love messing around in the kitchen. So here is our Paul Hollywood tribute lunchbox – celebrating everything great about the British bake off!
personalised lunchbox from lunchboxesetc

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Celebrity sandwiches - part IV

The sad news that Gwyneth and Chris are undergoing a "conscious uncoupling" first made me think that they've done really well to have a ten year celebrity marriage.  Then I started thinking about how to uncouple a packed lunch, which might sound a bit funny but actually makes a whole lot of sense and will widen your lunchbox choices massively.

So uncouple your packed lunch - pack your bread and your sandwich fillings separately inside your lunchbox and you will kiss goodbye to soggy sandwiches. It only takes a minute to create the sandwich from the ingredients and it will taste so much fresher and better than if it has been sweating in a cling film wrap for hours.

Celebrity sandwiches - part II

After our revelations that the Queen enjoys a jam sandwich in her packed lunch we've found out the packed lunch secrets of the model and speed queen Jodie Kidd.

In her role as an ambassador for Hovis Jodie revealed her favourite lunchbox snack:

"My favourite sandwich is an English twist on a continental classic. I love to use ingredients that are sourced from close to home, and living in West Sussex means I am spoilt for choice when it comes to independent farms and regional produce markets.

"My favourite combination is a very ripe Sussex brie, a flavoursome local ham, slices of tomato and some spicy rocket.

"It's a little naughty but tastes divine, especially when served on two slices of warm Farmers Loaf, which melts the cheese further and turns the whole thing into a gooey, yummy feast!"
Oh Jodie, naughty but divine, could we have put it any better ourselves? And Jodie is of course a well known speed freak so what better lunchbox for her than a lunchboxesetc racing car personalised lunch box:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Celebrity sandwiches - part 1

We are very anti the lunch box police - those politically correct folk who like to try and tell you what you should (and should not) put in your lunchbox, but we do love to find out what everyone is actually having for their packed lunch. 

So here at lunchbox towers we have been exhaustively researching what you favourite celebrities are having in their packed lunches, and it does sometimes make you wonder!

Anyway we'll publish our findings every now and then on the lunchbox blog so you can see what's inside a famous lunch box!

We are starting right at the top with probably the worlds most famous woman (certainly the most recognisable woman in the UK anyway) - HM the Queen (or Her Maj, as we like to call her)

Admittedly, you don't often see the Queen doing a walkabout holding a lunchbox; maybe she has a lady in waiting to carry it for her (a job historically done by the wife of the Earl of Sandwich no doubt), so we had to imagine what she might like as a personalised lunch box:
queen and a spotty lunch box

But we are on firmer ground when it comes to what she might like to carry inside "one's lunch box".  According to the daily mail the queen's chef spends a lot of time making jam pennies - small jam sandwiches, and crustless cucumber sandwiches and still a favourite apparently. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Celebrity sandwiches - Part III

We are really enjoying creating our fantasy celebrity lunch boxes - a couple of times a week we use celebrity's favourite sandwiches as inspiration to create a (usually) delicious packed lunch.

Todays celebrity is the biggest name in talk shows in the universe - Oprah.  As you might expect this is not just a tale of a simple favourite sandwich, no there's a great heart-warming story to go with it.

What sort of lunch box would Oprah choose?  Well she's so used to having people on that sofa opening their heart to her that we thought our large hearts lunchbox would be just about perfect (we don't do a lance Armstrong lunchbox):

So Oprah's favourite sandwich is curried chicken, which sound like a good old british coronation chicken sandwich to me.

soggy sandwiches

At lunchboxesetc we love to hear about peoples' favourite sandwiches and we often try them out in our very own personalised lunchboxes:

cartoon dog lunchbox

However we've found lots of lovely sandwich recipes that aren't really suitable to be included in a lunchbox because the filling makes the bread soggy.    One trick we use is to carry "wet" food like sliced tomato in a small Tupperware container  so that it can be added to you sandwich at the last minute for that freshly made mouth feel.