Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Celebrity sandwiches - part 1

We are very anti the lunch box police - those politically correct folk who like to try and tell you what you should (and should not) put in your lunchbox, but we do love to find out what everyone is actually having for their packed lunch. 

So here at lunchbox towers we have been exhaustively researching what you favourite celebrities are having in their packed lunches, and it does sometimes make you wonder!

Anyway we'll publish our findings every now and then on the lunchbox blog so you can see what's inside a famous lunch box!

We are starting right at the top with probably the worlds most famous woman (certainly the most recognisable woman in the UK anyway) - HM the Queen (or Her Maj, as we like to call her)

Admittedly, you don't often see the Queen doing a walkabout holding a lunchbox; maybe she has a lady in waiting to carry it for her (a job historically done by the wife of the Earl of Sandwich no doubt), so we had to imagine what she might like as a personalised lunch box:
queen and a spotty lunch box

But we are on firmer ground when it comes to what she might like to carry inside "one's lunch box".  According to the daily mail the queen's chef spends a lot of time making jam pennies - small jam sandwiches, and crustless cucumber sandwiches and still a favourite apparently. 

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