Thursday, March 27, 2014

Celebrity sandwiches - part II

After our revelations that the Queen enjoys a jam sandwich in her packed lunch we've found out the packed lunch secrets of the model and speed queen Jodie Kidd.

In her role as an ambassador for Hovis Jodie revealed her favourite lunchbox snack:

"My favourite sandwich is an English twist on a continental classic. I love to use ingredients that are sourced from close to home, and living in West Sussex means I am spoilt for choice when it comes to independent farms and regional produce markets.

"My favourite combination is a very ripe Sussex brie, a flavoursome local ham, slices of tomato and some spicy rocket.

"It's a little naughty but tastes divine, especially when served on two slices of warm Farmers Loaf, which melts the cheese further and turns the whole thing into a gooey, yummy feast!"
Oh Jodie, naughty but divine, could we have put it any better ourselves? And Jodie is of course a well known speed freak so what better lunchbox for her than a lunchboxesetc racing car personalised lunch box:

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