Monday, March 31, 2014

Celebrity sandwiches - part V

Celebrity sandwiches - part VI

A masterchef champion should be able to spot a good lunchbox option why she sees one so its no surprise that 2010 Celebrity Masterchef champion Lisa Faulkner has come up with a fabulous favourite sandwich.

Reassuringly traditional in her tastes Lisa says: “My grandparents had a beach hut at West Wittering and I distinctly remember a rainy Saturday lunchtime with the windbreaks up, my sister and I in our navy blue fishermen’s jumpers and wellies huddled together on deck chairs eating sandwiches (hers corned beef and tomato, mine corned beef and piccalilli). The bread was always good old “plastic” white sliced and the corned beef tinned, but the tomatoes were grown in her greenhouse and the piccalilli was home-made.”

We say, well done Lisa, this would work perfectly in a lunchbox. Once again, if you wanted you could pop the sliced tomato ina little pot and add it into the sandwich right before you eat it to avoid any sogginess.

We think Lisa might have a bit of sweet tooth judging by the desserts she produced on Masterchef so here is a brilliant Marshmallow lunchbox to carry those corned beef sandwiches:

masrshmallow lunchbox

Now Lisa also looks like she likes a bit of exercise, I wonder whether she would like a matching PE kit bag to take her kit to the gym:

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