Monday, March 31, 2014

Celebrity sandwiches - part VI

Who is the most famous twinkly-eyed baker of the moment? Why Paul Hollywood of course and Paul shared his favourite sandwich recipe with
“I cannot resist a club sandwich. I love the fact it is laden with fillings and needs a daft cocktail stick to hold it together.”, said the artisan baker and bake-off judge, “The best club sandwich should be on toasted, fresh, white bread, in two tiers and filled to bursting point with seasoned turkey breast, crispy maple bacon, chopped romaine lettuce, slices of ripe tomato and red onion and lashings of mayonnaise with a side order of handmade crisps.”

Now, a full on club sandwich may not be ideal for a packed lunch, but simplfy the recipe a bit and it would become a great lunchbox treat. The idea of a double decker sandwich in my lunchbox really appeals! Maybe omit the tomatoes, or take them separately to prevent sogginess.

Paul is a bit of a hero at lunchbox towers, as we also love messing around in the kitchen. So here is our Paul Hollywood tribute lunchbox – celebrating everything great about the British bake off!
personalised lunchbox from lunchboxesetc

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