Monday, April 14, 2014

Liverpool: Daring to dream?

Congrats to Liverpool for coming out on top in the big premiership match yesterday.  Although I did not watch it myself, I understand it was a great game.  Here's a lunchbox for all you Liverpool fans out there:

Maybe take it on your next away game?  Only from  Order one of our photo lunchboxes and add your own image to the lunchbox for a completely unique lunchbox!

Monday, April 7, 2014

A trip to the tank museum

We are on holiday this week with the kids plus brother and sister in law and a nephew.  Just a couple of miles behind chesil beach (and about a third of the way through on chesil beach as well).  

Despite the awful weather we are having a great  time,  today's highlights were a delicious meal at the pub in langton herring and a visit to the tank museum in bovington. 

There is no denying the soft spot in the heart of almost every 40 year old man i know for a good dose of WW2 memorabilia,  and a trip to the tank museum certainly provided that for me. 

 Although if I'm honest the real proustian moment was not the exhibits but the little packs of 1:72 scale WW2 soldiers for sale in the gift shop.  They took me right back to the many hours I spent as a child constructing elaborate army bases and conducting whole campaigns.  Tempting as it was to buy battalion after battalion I resisted.  

Instead the visit has inspired me to look further into producing some more military lunchboxes. already has a fabulous series of military aircraft lunchboxes and I think after this visit the spitfire lunchbox and the hurricane lunchbox may be joined by our tribute to the land forces and especially the armoured divisions.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sand in your sandwiches, pebbles in your shoes

Easter holidays are just around the corner and we'll be off to a beach side cottage for a week with some family.  Heres hoping that the rain holds off and the weather is warm enough to make a few trips to the beach possible.  And if not then I think we are near enough to  Weymouth to make a visit to Sandworld a real possibility.  However in some ways the thought of all that sand is enough to give me the shivers.

I love a packed lunch or a picnic, but what I really hate is a day on the beach when your sandwiches are completely ruined by those tiny grains of sand that just manage to get absolutely everywhere. No matter how hard I try I can't stop the sticky little grains dropping off my fingers onto the food.
Now, I'm not foolish enough to suggest that our plastic lunchboxes are the answer to this problem, but they do have a couple of advantages that help: Firstly they have a good height lip or rim all around to stop the sand just blowing onto the food, and secondly the lie completely flat when open allowing them to be used a as solid tray for the food, rather than just having it lying around on a sandy picnic blanket. If you stick a small packet of wipes in there as well you could solve the problem entirely!  Of course the other answer is to avoid sandy beaches entirely: Chesil beach here we come!