Monday, April 7, 2014

A trip to the tank museum

We are on holiday this week with the kids plus brother and sister in law and a nephew.  Just a couple of miles behind chesil beach (and about a third of the way through on chesil beach as well).  

Despite the awful weather we are having a great  time,  today's highlights were a delicious meal at the pub in langton herring and a visit to the tank museum in bovington. 

There is no denying the soft spot in the heart of almost every 40 year old man i know for a good dose of WW2 memorabilia,  and a trip to the tank museum certainly provided that for me. 

 Although if I'm honest the real proustian moment was not the exhibits but the little packs of 1:72 scale WW2 soldiers for sale in the gift shop.  They took me right back to the many hours I spent as a child constructing elaborate army bases and conducting whole campaigns.  Tempting as it was to buy battalion after battalion I resisted.  

Instead the visit has inspired me to look further into producing some more military lunchboxes. already has a fabulous series of military aircraft lunchboxes and I think after this visit the spitfire lunchbox and the hurricane lunchbox may be joined by our tribute to the land forces and especially the armoured divisions.

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